Working definition of antisemitism:

Antisemitism is a wrong and negative perception of people with Jewish descent. It can be seen as excessive hatred towards Jewish people.

It can also define any activity done by an individual, organization or a nation that is directed towards the Jews. With the aim of diminishing or inciting the outer world against them.

Doing any of the above said activities targeting the nation of Israel is also considered antisemitism because Israel has majority of its people being Jewish.

Where antisemitism may be used:

Most people always use antisemitism as a basis of blaming people of Jewish descent after or before occurrence of wrong things.

It is a trial by radical groups to lay blame on Jews in respects to any event that may have had negative eco-social repercussions in the past, present or the future.

Examples of antisemitism:

Evidence of antisemitism in any media form or places of social activities may include but not limited to an entity doing any of the following:

-Wrongful accusation of Jewish people of being directly responsible for any wrongdoing, real or fictitious, committed by a single entity of Jewish descent.

-Plainly disregarding the occurrence of the Holocaust during the World War II. This may be in the form of supporting the idea(s) that the Holocaust is a made-up story by the Jews or the Israel as a state of the Jews.

-Promoting ideas that support the fact that Jewish people are more loyal to the state of Israel than they should be. Or any ideas that may place the Jewish people as handling wrong priorities.

-Putting in public domain any information that may lead the public to believe that the Jews are undertaking wrong and unconstitutional activities like manipulation and controlling institutions of authority. The government, independent bodies, economic institutions and government bodies are such institution.

-Purporting extremist ideas that call for unconstitutional legal practices like maiming and execution of the Jews. Supporting ideas that may bring harm to Jews in any way.

Manifestation of antisemitism:

With regards to Israel as a democratic nation, antisemitism may manifest itself in many ways. These may include activities like:

-Application of extreme and more than average measure to the state of Israel in relative comparison with other nations with the same status.

-Using print media, symbols or images associated with acts of antisemitism providing information tainting the image of the Jewish people.

-Drawing visible comparisons between policies held by the state of Israel to those of Nazis.

-Placing responsibilities of actions done by the state of Israel directly or indirectly on the Jews as a whole. A single entity should be held liable to a mistake, not all people of Jewish descent.

– Doing activities that may lead to cropping of ideas preventing the Jewish people from independence and self-determination in regards to any socio-economic activities.


Constructive criticism against the state of Israel cannot be considered antisemitic.

Denying people of Jewish descent certain opportunities due to the fact that they are Jewish or linked to Jewish people is antisemitic discrimination. It is considered criminal act and is punishable by law.