The Nation of Islam was created in 1930 by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in Detroit. It is the Islamic controversy movement, that bases the belief that each man deserves the improvement in every segment- spiritual, mental and physical. The movement had religious statements but someof the social interpretations are described as Islamic fundamentalist and racist. The members of the movement are mostly Afro American people in the USA.

Has Yakub existed?

The belief of creation of White Race, the members of Nation of Islam gave the role to Yakub. Yakub , the father of mankind, lived a 6,600 years ago. Their claims that he is the Islamic version of biblical Jacob most of Islamic organization rejects as the right one. Same rejects they receive from the historical scientist who can’t confirm that Yakub lived in the Island of Patmos.

Yakub was the scientist lived in the Patmos. He belonged to the Black race. During his life, he started a creation of the White race. The biblical Jacob, as they said, is one of the most important for making the Nation of Islam. His claims serve the members of Nation of Islam to build the philosophy and new teachings. Louis Farrakhan, the actual leader of the Nation of Islam, still claims that the beliefs are true and keep struggling to prove that, the exact meaning of Yakub.

What the claims about Yakub, the father of mankind, contains?

The story is based on the claims and essays of Wallace D. Fard Muhammad about a black man born in Mecca 6,600 years ago. Yakub lived for 152 years. Since the early age, he showed the interest and tendency to learn new things in nature, learned how to create magnet by usingsteel. With the power of creation he has, he thought that he could create a completely new human race.

Known for the specific size of his head, everybody called him “big head”. He always knew he’s special. When grew up, he was already familiar with all the knowledge could offer the Schools in Mecca. So, he started to search for more.

The creation of the White Race begun when he was living in the Island Patmos.He came to the island already having the 59,999 followers who accepted beliefs for creating a new race.

The white race is born

He started to rule over the island where the black babies were born.After killing all black babies in Patmos and making a completely new regime, the conditions for making the new Brown race are ready.

Yakub died at the age of 152, but his followers keep the same tradition with even big results. After 600 years they created the white race, thanks to the very drastic and genetic changes.

When the white race was born, they believed that Yakub created the evil race. The evilness of the members of the white race is the consequence of this evil occurrence of the white race.The beliefs of the way how during the centuries white race moved from one place to another are still very actual between members of Nation of Islam.

The unrewarded movement and learnings of Nation of Islam and connection they found between Yakub, the father of mankind and Jacob are not proved. Even though they have a material proves they claim that they are telling about the existence of Yakub. They are still telling the story by showing the true meaning of Yakub.

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