Triple Parentheses Meaning

Are the Triple Parentheses Racist?

Some of the most divisive elements of humanity includereligion, economic policy, race and language disparity. The tipple parentheseswidely symbolize how the divisive number of white hate groups in discriminatingagainst and perpetrating hate crimes against members of the Jewish Community.

The anti-Semitic symbol, usually indicated as triplebrackets ((())), is a 21st-Century writing symbol that has been widely used to harass Jewish iconic social media contributors.

How ((())) Hate Went Mainstream.

Anti-Semitism is not a new global concept. The world has, invivid description of history, seen horrors perpetrated against Jews. The mostrecent and horrific anti-semantic hate crimes in history were perpetrated bythe German Nazi regime underworld infamous villain Hitler. He did not use thetriple parentheses to identify them back then, however. The use of thissymbolism took to mainstream media mainly because it was aggressively directedto Jewish reporters.

It was further echoed and strengthened by anti-Semites,white nationalists, and neo-Nazis who would wish to echo what they perceive tobe evil Jewish actions through history by highlighting those Jewish names inthe triple parentheses.

The practice ofechoing the perceived evil Jewish names in the triple parentheses originatedfrom a very popular, and yet infamous, alt-right blog. It is popular amongthose many group individuals who subscribe to isolationist, neo-Fascist,neo-Nazi or/and white supremacist philosophies.

The use of the anti-Semitic symbol took speed and dominancewhen he Right Stuff’ Blog began using it to write Jewish surnames of historicJewish individuals with a purpose to remind the world of some actions that theeditors felt were negative to humanity. They stated that they wished to echothose actions in the surnames of those Jewish individuals. As the use of thesymbolism caught on among cyber bullies and social media bigots, Jewishreporters and prominent individuals started writing their names in the tripleparenthesis to show solidarity. The concept became watered down because Googlehad to pull down a plugin that enabled users to automatically site anyidentified Jewish names in triple parentheses. That was because those nameswere later trolled on social media and spammed with hate speech, insults andthreats.

What the Three Parentheses Were Meant to Symbolize

Anti-Semites, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, alt-righters andwhite nationalists all attribute the three brackets to specific and respectivecampaigns that they blame on Jews including:

•mass immigration,

•mass media

•and globalZionism

Why the Tipple Parentheses Are Considered Hate Symbols

Some Jewish reporters have been active in exposing theamount of hate speech and harassment the triple brackets have caused innocentJewish families and their friends. Reportedly, they lodged complaints, via theMic, that the people whose names were cyberbullied. The reporters claimed thatthe victims received messages which heavily featured anti-Semitic messageswhich included death threats and accompanying insensitive photos from theHolocaust.

Back in the year 2016, Google had to pull down theCoincidence detector which automatically quoted Jewish surnames of significanthistorical figures in the three brackets. The extension, unbelievably, placedover 8,771 names of people that were automatically placed in the perceivedhateful symbols. Coincidentally, the names were of common Jewish families andanti-Trump supporters. Semitic affiliates were quick to classify the tripleparentheses as systematic weapons of segregation and hate crime. Google had topull down the Google Chrome-based plugin giving the justification that itfostered activities that were catalysts to hate crimes and against itscommunity rules, standards and policy.

Currently, the symbol is widely considered as a hate speechsymbol and it has been categorized as s by the ADL.

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