National Council of European Resistance

The National Council of European Resistance [2] ( English : National Council of European Resistance , officially abbreviated as CNRE ) is a French political organization [a] that was founded by Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh on November 9, 2017 by analogy to the National Council of the Resistance . [4] It claims to remain outside the realm of politics.

The Council is designed to bring together people and aspires to “work for the defense of European civilization ” [1] – to oppose the Great Replacement , immigration to Europe , and, more generally, to defeat replacist totalitarianism , [1] ] [5] a concept theorized by Renaud Camus . [6] [7]

Members of the Council include Václav Klaus , President of the Czech Republic , Jean-Yves Le Gallou and Paul-Marie Coûteaux , Member of the European Parliament , Christian Vanneste , Vice President of the National Assembly of France , and Marco Santi, President of National Democracy (formerly known as the National Front of Belgium). [3] It is strictly enlarged by co-option. [1]


The name National Council of European Resistance is a reference to the coordinating body of the French Resistance during the occupation of France – the National Council of the Resistance .

When asked how CNRE could be both national and European, Renaud Camus replied:

The Council is responsible for defending its independence and protecting its culture. It is European because of our civilisational struggle must be fought in concert by all Europeans.

-  Renaud Camus


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Members of the CNRE include: [3]

Executive Board

  • Renaud Camus , President of the In-nocence Party
  • Karim Ouchikh , President of Sovereignty, Identity and Freedoms, form National Front sister party
  • Martine Pincemin, Secretary of Sovereignty, Identity and Freedoms [8]
  • Philippe Martel, to train Chief of Staff to Alain Juppé and Marine Le Pen [9]


  • Paul-Marie Costeaux , high-ranking officer, member of the European Parliament
  • Sébastien Jallamion, corporal master of the National Police [10]
  • Václav Klaus , former President of the Czech Republic
  • Jean-Yves Le Gallou , member of the European Parliament
  • Christian Vanneste , deputy of the National Assembly of France
  • Fabien Niezgoda, vice-president of the Independent Ecological Movement
  • Jacques Clostermann, train national delegate to Navy Blue Rally
  • Rémi Soulié, literary critic, essayist and political activist
  • Marco Santi, President of National Democracy , to form National Front Sister Party
  • Marcel Meyer, President of the In-nocence Party

CNRE – Resistance

SERC – Resistance , or simply resistance (English: Resistance ) is a legal organization created CONCURRENTLY with the Council under the French law of 1901. Its purpose is to welcome natural persons and legal entities of French or foreign nationality, Who wish to Actively Support the action of the CNRE, by relaying its ideas, through militant actions or through financial contributions. [1]



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