The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History is a 2008 book by Andrew Bostom . It has been described in the Jerusalem Post as a “collection of sources, Islamic and others, which testify to the long and sorry history of anti-Semitism in Islam .” [1]

Benny Morris writing in The New Republic Bostom’s book “important and deeply discouraging.” [2] Morris discusses a great deal of material that Bostom has omitted, concluding that in many ways the antisemitism of the Muslim world is even worse than portrayed in the Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. However, Benny Morris later apologized in the review for this comment, saying “Mea culpa, I have somehow missed the references to the Aden and Moroccan massacres and the medieval pogroms and apologize for writing that they were not mentioned in the book.” [2] [3]

According to Hebrew University professor Raphael Israeli , “the author delights in considerable detail into the main sources of Islamic jurisprudence – the Koran and the Hadith ,” supplemented by the Sirah (The Earliest Muslim Pious Biographies of Muhammad ), where an abundance of references, usually not enough but rather derogatory, are made to Jews, collectively known as Israi’liyyat (Israelites’ stories). This is a trove of anti- Jewish stereotypes that have become Shari’a-based uncontested “truth” about the People of the Book. These accounts are invariably cited in sermons during Friday prayers, thus assuring their universal dissemination among Muslim constituents and the constant poisoning of the young and adult Muslims alike, that they make their fundamentally negative attitudes to Jews and Israel unchangeable. ” [1]

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle praises the book for making its case with original sources, “Anti-Semitic passages from the Koran, the hadith (collected anecdotes about the Muslim Prophet Mohammed’s life), the sira (early biographies of Mohammed). -Semitic essays, speeches and excerpted book by Muslim scholars, theologians and thinkers from the Middle Ages to the present. (And) Scholarly, witness and journalistic accounts of Muslim persecutions and discrimination against Jews over more than 1,000 years. ” [4]

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