Jewish Slurs

Slurs are particularly offensivegestures such as wordings or a phrases that might intend to indirectly ordirectly damage or insult one’s behavior or beliefs. Several slurs can be identified among manyreligions that present unappealing allusions regarding those religions.

Accordingly, Jew slurs are specific gestureswhich would damage Jewish people or those who we identify as Jews. There aremany Jewish slurs which try to promote false allegations about jews or Jewishpeople. Among these slurs some are very racial slurs.

Is Jew a slur?

There a big controversial in thesociety over the fact that is jew a slur or not. Some people consider jew aslur while some people does not consider jew a slur. So it can be really hardfor a person to interpret the fat is Jew a slur.

Well most of the Jewish people doesnot consider jew as a slur or as an offensive term. They do not consider Jew asa racial slur for jews. Instead of considering jew as a Jewish racial slur somepeople consider calling themselves jews non offensive.

Slurs for Jews

The noun Jew hasbeen derived from the wording Yehudi which is a Hebrew word. The word Hebrewhas been derived from the Judah which was the name of one of the sons of Jacob.Although some people consider jew as a jewish racial slur the Judaismoriginates from Yehudim religion.

There are manyevidences which can be found in the in the history which shows that there havebeen different interpretations for jews. In certain historical eras some people haveclearly used the wording jews as slur.

History of theslurs for Jews

When observing thehistory and its relation with Judaism it can be seen that some people havespecifically used jews as a slur. Even in famous literatures which can be foundin the history, this behavior can be clearly observed. In some of the famoushistorical literatures pieces the word jew is used as a racial slurs for jews. Here,jew has been used intentionally as Jewish racial slur instead of to symbolizethe religion

Slurs for Jew

Following is a list of slurs for jewor commonly known as Jewish slurs.

Hebe is one of the Jewish slurs. Jewish peopleconsider calling Hebe as very offensive. This has been extracted from the wordingHebrew. Most commonly heard Jewish slur in U.S regions. This is similar to theJewish slur Hebe.

  • Abbie is another commonly heard racial Jewishslur in North America. This is Jewish racial slur to introduce a male Jewishperson. Abie and Abe also refers to similar Jewish slurs.
  • Among many racial jewish slurs used for jews,k’ is a very common slur. Ike and ikey are two other jewish slurs used forjew.
  • Hyime is another such jewish slur among manyracial slurs for jews.This term is usedspecially for jews from Hebrew. This can also be seen using in the wording of Hymietown.
  • Kike can be identified as another jewish slur. Thiscan be identified a very racial Jewish slur due to the reason behind this slur.In ancient times Jewish people who migrated to U.S used circle for theirsignatures instead of crosses when signing their names. This is because duringthat period the Christian religion was closely related with cross much morethan Jews.
  • The slur Kike which symbolizes a circle istherefore being used offensively for Jews. It makes this slur a one of the veryracial slurs for jews.
  • Ikeymo is another such jews slur. This slurgives a similar meaning as a Jew. Ikey-mo is also similar to Ikeymo and has asimilar interpretation.
  • Moch is another racial jewish slur which couildbe heard in the regions of United State. This slur is also used to inteprete aJew.


·Mockey is among many jewsish slurs to interpreta Jew. Believed to be broken down form the word makeh. Mocky and moky are twoother slurs similar to this.

Mockie, Mocky and moxy are few other similarjewish slurs which has been used since ancient historical times.

Sheeny is another wording which Jewish peopleconsider as a slur. It is derived from a German originated word whichsymbolizes beauty.


Moving towards amore developed era which promotes religious freedom and respecting otherreligions, these racial slurs cannot be accepted. Therefore, it’s high time we startrespecting each other and avoid using such offensive slurs.

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