The jewish question

The jewish question has been a ongoing topic of debate between the 19th and the
20th century European society. This topic has been an ongoing debate even in
the 18th century as Jews were the minority population back in the day.

Many people wonder when they first hear talks on the jewish question. They do not
know what was the jewish question to begin with. The jewish question is
dependent on how the jewish population be treated in the society. It also
concerns with the what kind of status should the jews enjoy in a society.

The population which does not know that what was the jewish question are mostly
millennials who are younger. The baby boomer population still recalls the time
when the jewish question was a big issue. Read More…

Limpieza of blood

Limpieza of blood ( Spanish: [limpjeθa ðe saŋɡɾe] ), Limpeza of blood ( Portuguese: [lĩpezɐ ðɨ sɐɡɨ] , Galician: [limpeθa ðe saŋɡe] ) or blood Neteja ( Catalan: [nətɛʒə ðə saŋ] ), literally “cleanliness of blood “and meaning” blood purity “, played an important role in the modern history of the Iberian Peninsula .

They referred to the pure ” Old Christians “, without Muslim or Jewish ancestors, or within the context of the empire ( New Spain and Portuguese India ) usually to those without ancestry from the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas , Asia, or Africa . Read More…

Jewish skeleton collection

The Jewish skeleton collection was an attempt by the Nazis to create an anthropological display to the alleged racial inferiority of the ” Jewish race” and to emphasize the Jews’ status as Untermenschen (“sub-humans”), in contrast to the German race , which the Nazis considered to be Aryan Übermenschen . The collection was housed at the Anatomy Institute at the Reich University of Strasbourg in the annexed region of Alsace , where the initial preparation of the bodies was performed. Read More…

Racial antisemitism

Racial anti-Semitism is a form of anti-Semitism or prejudice against Jews based on racial or ethnic group, rather than prejudice against Judaism as a religion. [1] The definition is based on the premise that Jews constitute a distinctive raceor ethnic group, whose traits or characteristics are in some way abhorrent or inherently inferior or otherwise different to that of the rest of society. The abhorrence may be expressed in the form of stereotypes or caricatures. Racial anti-Semitism may present Jews, as a group, as being a threat in some way to the values ​​or safety of society. Racial antisemitism could be seen as an abuse of religious antisemitism because of religious antisemites conversion was an option and once converted the ‘Jew’ was gone. With racial antisemitism a Jew could not get rid of their Jewishness. [2] Read More…

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