The jewish question

The jewish question has been a ongoing topic of debate between the 19th and the
20th century European society. This topic has been an ongoing debate even in
the 18th century as Jews were the minority population back in the day.

Many people wonder when they first hear talks on the jewish question. They do not
know what was the jewish question to begin with. The jewish question is
dependent on how the jewish population be treated in the society. It also
concerns with the what kind of status should the jews enjoy in a society.

The population which does not know that what was the jewish question are mostly
millennials who are younger. The baby boomer population still recalls the time
when the jewish question was a big issue. Read More…

Antisemitism in Europe

A hatred or discrimination against the Jewish community for their beliefs is known as antisemitism. Although it originated in the Christian and pre-Christian era, it’s still prevalent in modern Europe.

20th-century antisemitism was at its barbaric peak when approximately six million Jews were killed in Nazi Germany,under the fascist reign of Adolf Hitler. Although not to the same extreme extent, a new wave of hatred has spawned in Europe, and consists mostly of far-right thinkers.

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Relations between Nazi Germany and the Arab world

The relationship between Nazi Germany (1933-1945) and the leadership of the Arab world encompassed contempt, propaganda, collaboration and in some instances emulation. British and French imperialism , colonialism , communism , and Zionism . Hitler made warm statements about Islam as a religion and political ideology. However, official Nazi ideology also considered Arabs to be racially inferior to Germans. Read More…

Oslo Synagogue

The Oslo Synagogue ( Norwegian : Synagogen i Oslo ) is a synagogue in Oslo, Norway . The congregation was established in 1892, but the present building was erected in 1920. Architectural historian Carol Herselle Krinsky describes the two-story tall, stuccoed building with a round tower of a spire supporting a Star of David as resembling a simple and charming country chapel. ‘ [1] Read More…

Obsession: Radical Islam War Against the West

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West is a 2005 documentary about the purported threat of Islamism to Western civilization. The film shows Islamic radicals preaching hate speech and seeking to incite global jihad . It also draws parallels between World War II’s Nazi movement and Islamism and the West’s response to those threats. [1] Read More…

Said Al Nasr

Said Al Nasr ( Said al-Nasser , Nassar Saeed ) was a Syrian Palestinian known for carrying out the 28th of July 1980 Antwerp summer camp attack , in which he attacked a group of 40 Jewish children waiting for their families for a bus to take them to summer camp with hand grenades. One boy was killed and eight others were seriously wounded. Read More…

Feiz Mohammad

Feiz Mohammad (born 1970) is an Australian Muslim preacher of Lebanese descent, noted for his Islamic fundamentalism . He is the head of the Global Islamic Youth Center in Liverpool, suburb of Sydney, Australia. He was featured on a 2007 British television documentary for hate speech called Undercover Mosque . Feiz is a Salafi. [1] Read More…

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