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BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within , commonly known as Boycott from Within , [1] [2] is an association of Jewish and Arab Israelis which supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Founded in 2008, it describes itself as following the guiding principles and sharing the goals of the Palestinian BDS movement, as delineated by Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel(PACBI).

Views and strategy

The Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, “who” joins the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel, inspired by the struggle of South Africans against apartheid, “and who are” devoted to “They disapprove of” Western governments “decision to boycott the Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” which they characterize as “particularly outrageous given the same Western governments’ extended support of Israel’s apartheid other daily violations of international law. ” [3]

Leading members

Ronnie Barkan

Ronnie Barkan, a longtime Jewish Israeli activist and math teacher who was raised in Ra’anana, near Tel Aviv , is a co-founder of Boycott from Within. He has been involved in protesting against the Israeli barrier in the West Bankand has been arrested. In a 2012 interview with journalist Ceclia Dalla Negra of The Electronic Intifada , he Expressed His belief That Palestinian resistance shoulds be Focused on being white has “popular struggle Rather than a nonviolent one,” but added That “as long as Israel and Its backers use means clustering of terror against the Palestinian civil population, then we may not be legally responsible for their liberation from doing so. ”

Barkan has described himself as “among the group of the over-privileged in this struggle for Palestinian rights, acting against a system which has at its very core the Zionist principle of differentiation.” He describes the Israeli treatment of Palestinians as apartheid, identifies himself as “anti-Zionist,” and refers to Israel as “the Jewish-supremacist entity … founded on the basis of ethnic cleansing and ethnic segregation.” [4] [5]

Barkan has been described as having evaded mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). [6] He himself said that he refused to complete his mandatory military service. “There’s a lot of social pressure [in Israel],” he told Al-Jazeerain 2011. “We are raised to be soldiers from kindergarten. We’re taught that it’s our duty and you’re not sure if you’re going to be abusive. ” for Hebrew for the sake of Israel, for the sake of the sake of Israel, conduct amounts to racism. [7]

The Israel Security Agency investigators interrogated Barkan in the run-up to the 2012 “flytilla.” [5]

In 2010, Barkan represented the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee at the European Parliament . [8]

Kobi Snitz

Another Boycott from Within activist, Kobi Snitz, is a mathematician employed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot . Snitz is also a longtime member of Anarchists Against the Wall who has been protesting Palestinian villagers protesting the West Bank fence for many years. In addition, he has close connections to the Palestine Solidarity Project. Imprisoned in 2004 for interfering with security policies, wave ] he was summoned by Shin Bet for questioning in 2010, at which time Shin Bet told Haaretzthat it possessed “information indicating that Dr. Kobi Snitz is involved in organizing illegal gatherings and illegal entry into restricted areas in the West Bank.” [1] [9]

Leehee Rothschild

Boycott from Within Member Leehee Rothschild’s Tel Aviv Apartment was raided and she was detained in 2011. “Obviously Palestinians are going through,” Rothschild told Al-Jazeera . “But I think we’re touching a nerve.” She said that if the Boycott Law, then under consideration, was passed, “it will peel off, a little more, Israel’s mask of democracy.” She described the Israeli people, moreover , being their own “oppressed by the occupation – they are living inside a society that is militant; that is violent; that is racist. ” [7]

Ofer Neiman

Ofer Neiman is one of the leaders of Boycott from Within. In July 2010, he spoke with Between The Lines ‘ Melinda Tuhus about the group, saying that “if Israel had accepted the Saudi Initiative – which is not just a Saudi initiative, it’s an initiative by the Arab League, a comprehensive peace initiative based on the two-state solution and the ’67 borders, then there would be no BDS campaign. ” [10]

Interventions with celebrities and corporations

  • In 2010, Boycott from Within Successfully Called the Rock Band The Pixies to Boycott Israeli. “Are you ready to perform in Tel Aviv,” the organization asked in an open letter to the band, “when right in front of you millions of people are suffocating under a cruel Israeli military regime that denies them basic human rights?” [11 ]
  • Boycott from Within took credit for successful convincing French pop star Vanessa Paradis to cancel a planned 2011 performance in Israel. In a letter to Paradis, the group urged her “to take this opportunity to take a stand on an important issue to human rights and as Such, to human lives as well.” Describing the Israeli Army as “control [ling] everyday Palestinian life at the barrel of a gun, “and as having spent” over 60 years … murdering, maiming, arresting civilians, all the while stealing their lands by extreme and brutal force, “the letter said that if Paradise performed in Israel” it will have the effect of making it possible for Israel to “allow the state of Israel to use your reputation for whitewash its crimes!” [2]
  • Boycott from Within has also targeted British Telecom for its business relationship with Israeli company Bezeq . [2]
  • Boycott from Within joined forces with the Indian BDS group InCACBI to protest the involvement of Israel’s Cameri Theater in the Delhi International Arts Festival in November 2012. [12]
  • Boycott from Within took place in an unsuccessful effort by a broad-based group of BDS activists to persuade the Red Hot Chili Peppers to cancel a 2012 performance in Tel Aviv. [13]
  • Boycott from Within the Universe of London’s 2012 Globe to Globe Shakespeare Festival to cancel performance by Israel’s national theater company, Habima . The Merchant of Venice is part of a series of performances by 37 Shakespeare plays , each performed in a different language by a different theater group. [14]

Criticism by Netanyahu

In Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the Boycott From Within as a “national scandal.” [15]


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