2015 Nice stabbing

On 3 February 2015, three soldiers, guarding a Jewish community center in Nice, France, were attacked with a knife by Moussa Coulibaly, a lone-wolf terrorist.[1]


Three soldiers were patrolling outside a Jewish communal building housing a Jewish radio station when Moussa Coulibaly rushed at one of the soldiers with a 20-centimeter (7.8-inch) knife aimed at his throat. Coulibaly only managed to wound that soldier in the face before wounding another soldier in the arm.[2][3][4][5] The bulletproof vests worn by the soldiers prevented more serious injuries.[6]

Coulibaly was arrested while attempting to flee.[3] Two accomplices allegedly fled the scene and were not apprehended.[7]


Moussa Coulibaly, age 30, had a number of previous convictions for armed robbery and drug-related crimes.[7][3] On 28 January he flew to Turkey, a popular destination at the time for young Europeans intending to fight for ISIL, but French security authorities contacted Turkish authorities who sent him back to France.[3][6]

He was questioned by police in December 2014 for aggressively sharing his religious beliefs in a gym in Mantes-la-Jolie, near Paris, where he lived with his parents and siblings.[8] Police found handwritten documents about religion in the hotel room near the Gare de Nice-Ville where he was staying at the time of the attack.[8]

Following his arrest, Coulibaly spoke about his hatred of France, of Jews and of the military.[8]

Legal proceedings

Couliaby was indicted on charges of attempted murder during a terror operation.[7]


According to US President Donald Trump, the Nice stabbing was one of several terrorist incidents reported to have gone “unreported” in news media.[9][10]

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